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Call CO Governor Jared Polis (303) 866 2471
Call Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman (303) 739 7015
Call City Manager Jim Twombly (303) 739 7010
Call City Clerk's Office (303) 739 7094

Call District Attorney Dave Young (303) 659 7720
Call District Chief Judge Emily E. Anderson (303) 654 3550
Call Deputy City Attorney Nancy Rodgers (303) 739 6014
Call Aurora City Attorney Daniel L. Brotzman (303) 870 9078
Call Fire Chief Fernando Gray (303) 326 8999

Attorney General Phil Weiser has no voicemail box open.

Call Council Member Crystal Murillo 303.739.7502
Call Council Member Nicole Johnston 303.739.7506
Call Council Member Marsha Berzins 303.739.7508
Call Council Member Alison Coombs 720.505.3332
Call/Text Council Member Juan Marcano 720.634.6927
Call Council Member Fran├žoise Bergan 720.465.1830
Call Council Member Curtis Gardner 720.505.4312
Call Council Member Dave Gruber 303.739.7514
Call Council Member Allison Hiltz 720.767.2685
Call/Text Council Member Angela Lawson 720.244.6932

Say This When You Call: I am calling on behalf of Elijah McClain. We demand that Officers Nathan Woodyard, Randy Roedema, Matthew Green, and Sgt Dale Leonard as well as Lt. Peter Chichuniec and Medic Jeremy Cooper of Aurora Fire Rescue are fired immediately and charged for killing Elijah McClain. We demand that former Officer Jason Rosenblatt, who was recently fired for finding humor in a photo mocking Elijah's death, is charged as well. We demand that DA, Dave Young, resign from his role for finding that the officers did not violate any criminal laws and more recently, wrongly stated on national television that Elijah experienced no injuries from the incident. We demand a timely investigation of this case as it is nearly a year since Elijah's death at the hands of Aurora officials. Elijah McClain was a 23 year old man with limitless potential. Our world lost an incredible person and we demand justice. Take accountability.